Christmas Shoot: Dalby 500 Yards

The club gathered for the annual Xmas Shoot with Friends and Family for a fun shoot in the morning. The more serious of the lot topped off with a 15 shot match after lunch to cap off another shooting year without a home range.

The withering conditions at Dalby never fails to disappoint, this being more of a character building exercise if one can’t pick the wind changes as it happens and has wreaked the usual havoc with scores. Fullbore shot for the Captains Trophy and after a tie on both handicap and V-Bulls, was taken by T.Pearce on count back and won with a consistent finish from the runner up. F-Standard shot for the G.Thompson Trophy and was taken convincingly by L.Pedersen.

Off-rifle scores for Target Rifle were T.Pearce 71.6 S.Kao 69.6 C.Schramm 68.3. F-Standard scores were L.Pedersen 84.4 D.Matthews 80.4 G.Thompson 79.1 R.Wardrop 77.1 D.Rodney 75.2 A.Schramm 65.1.

The Calendar for the new shooting year is to be determined with our first club shoot to commence sometime in mid-January. Until then the Darling Downs Rifle Club wishes all members, family and friends near and far a safe holiday season and we are looking forward to putting more shots down range. Hup The Downs!


Club Shoot: 10th Dec 2016 (Dalby)

Shooters from the Darling Downs gathered at Dalby for 300 yards. The usual chopping and changing conditions wreaked havoc with scores as the summer kicks off in it’s grand splendour. Target Rifle shooters shot for the Wockner Cup, tied on handicap between C.Schramm and S.Kao, it was down to a precise count of V-Bulls as per the Trophy’s name sake and was taken convincingly by S.Kao. F-Class shot for the final stage of The Presidents Trophy and was taken by L.Pedersen. Due to a 3-way tie in all stages, the winner was picked from the best 2 shoots and the overall trophy winner was R.Wardrop.

Off-rifle scores for Target Rifle were C.Schramm 96.2 S.Kao 95.5 T.Pearce 93.5 B.Coster 54.0. F-Class scores were L.Pedersen 120.7 D.Mitchell 113.2 R.Wardrop 109.5 C.Grams 109.2 D.Rodney 107.5.

Next weekend is the Xmas shoot and will take place at Dalby. Expected start at 1000 hours for the fun shoot for friends and family followed by a 15 shot match after lunch.

Club Shoot Results: Pratten 600 yards

Darling Downs shooters gathered at Pratten on the 600 yard mound for what was a scorcher of a day.

For their efforts, Target Rifle shot for the coveted Patrons Trophy and was taken outright by R.McMaster. F-Class shot for the 2nd stage of The Presidents Trophy and was taken out by K.Jenkinson on handicap.

Off-rifle scores for Target Rifle were R.McMaster 102.7 G.Picton 96.5 J.Breeze 94.2 S.Kao 93.3. F-Standard scores were L.Pedersen 107.11 K.Jenkinson 107.1 and D.Rodney 105.1.

The Club is back at Dalby next Saturday for 300 yards at the usual time.

Club Shoot Scores: Dalby 500 Yards

Shooters from the Darling Downs gathered at Dalby for 500 yards. The hanging clouds obscured any mirage and the shooter who could pick the wind changes on the flags came out on top.

Target Rifle shot for the M.Fletcher Trophy and was convincingly won by J.Breeze. F-Standard shot for the 1st stage of The President’s Trophy and was taken by R.Wardrop on handicap.

Off rifle scores for Target RIfle were J.Breeze 103.12 C.Schramm 98.4 S.Kao 91.3 T.Pearce 91.2 B.Coster 74.2 (1st attempt with Coat and Sling). F-Class scores were G.Sells 117.6 (Dalby-Tara) D.Rodney 115.4 R.Wardrop 113.4 L.Pedersen 113.3 D.Mitchell 113.0.

The next club shoot would be the next coming Sunday for a 0900hours start in Pratten. A reminder that the club will be holding it’s Christmas Shoot on the 17th December in Dalby.

Club Results: Dalby 600 yards

Dalby again has failed to disappoint wreaking havoc with scores with each shot making the experience all the more painful for the unattentive. Fullbore shooters shot for the McMaster Mug and was swiftly taken by C.Schramm. F-Class shot for the final stage of the D.Matthews Trophy and was taken out by R.Wardrop.

Off rifle scores for target rifle were C.Schramm 93.3 S.Kao 85.2 L.Pedersen 76.0 and F-Standard R.Wardrop 106.2.

Club shooting will resume at Gatton on the 19th November. A reminder to members that the Darling Downs District social shoot will be held at Crows Nest on Sunday the 27th. Club shoot on the 26th November as per normal according to the calendar.

Dalby 500 yards

Darling Downs shooters gathered for a blister of a day at Dalby on the 500 yard mound. The constant direction of the wind was easy to read and adjust for, but not much can be said of the constant buffeting experienced by shooters attempting to get a steady hold before squeezing off that shot.

Target rifle shot for the T Gesch Memorial Trophy and was taken by G.Picton on handicap and a respectable off-hand score. Whilst F-Class shot for the 2nd stage of the D.Matthews trophy and was taken by R.Wardrop.

Off-rifle scores for Target Rifle were M.Dickenson 104.9 G.Picton 103.9 J.Breeze 97.6 S.Kao 97.5. F-Class were R.Wardrop 112.3 D.Rodney 105.2.

Next weekend would see several shooters travelling for the final prize meet of the year at North Arm. Club shoot to be determined if there are enough numbers to conduct a club competition either at Crows Nest or Pratten.