Fromelles 2016

The DDRC held it’s annual Fromelles shoot on the 23-24th July with a turnout of 20 shooters for the 2 day event, an increase from the previous year. This centenary commemoration shoot wouldn’t have been possible without the kind assistance from the Dalby/Tara Rifle Club. The day concluded with a demonstration from our friends with the QMRC of a snap shooting serial at a 100 yards.

Winners from the weekend as follows:

Saturday (Rapid 100m)
As issued – Glenn Skipworth (QMRC)
Modified – Jim Breeze (DDRC)
Super Modified – David Hetherell (Gympie-Kilkivan)

Sunday 300/500/600 Yards
As issued – Glen Sherritt (Toowoomba)
Modified – David Hetherell (Gympie-Kilkivan)
Super Modified – Terry Pearce (DDRC)

Club Scores: Pratten 700 Yards

Members of the Darling Downs travelled to Pratten for 700 yards. Shooters had to be mindful of the mirage in order to pick the sudden drop-offs and pick-ups of the wind conditions in order to stay ahead.

Target Rifle shot for the Glen Perrin Trophy and was taken by S.Kao on handicap, the final stage of the Ron Thompson Trophy for F-Standard was taken by L.Pedersen, with D.Rodney claiming the Trophy after final count of the handicap aggregate from the best 2 stages.

Off-rifle scores for Target Rifle were C.Schramm 93.4 S.Kao 93.1 G.Picton 92.0 and F-Standard L.Pedersen 117.5 and R.Wardrop 93.1.

The travelling shooters will gather at the Dalby range next Saturday for 600 yards, roll up at 1200 hours.

Club Shoot: 800 Yards Gatton

Members travelled to the Gatton Rifle Range and shot at the 800 yard mound. Tricky wind conditions and a trickle of rain proved a challenge for some and resulted in some good and rather ordinary results. Target rifle shot for the Courier Mail cup and was taken by L.Pedersen with a fine display at this long range, D.Rodney took the 2nd stage of the Ron Thompson trophy for F-Standard. Off-Rifle scores for Target Rifle were L.Pedersen 99.5, G.Picton 95.1 and S.Kao 92.5 and F-Class D.Rodney 106.3.

Darling Downs shooters will be travelling to the Muckadilla Prize shoot. A 3-Day event this year due to the public holiday and a shoot not to be missed. The club shoot resumes at Pratten on the 8th May for a 0900hrs start.

The DDRC would wish all past and present servicemen good health and safe travels as we commemorate ANZAC day.

Club Shoot: Dalby 300 Yards

DDRC members returned to Dalby for 300 yards, Target Rifle shooters shot for the Hutchison Cup and was taken by Rob McMaster. He dominated the day with a whopper of a top score of 105 with 14 V-Bulls. Off-rifle scores for Target-Rifle were R.McMaster 105.14 L.Pedersen 90.1 S.Kao 88.5.
Next week is a scheduled off week but .303 enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to travel for the North Arm .303 shoot to be held on the 17th April. Next club shoot is on the 23rd April at Gatton. Have a great week ahead.

Results: Pratten 800 Yards

DDRC members travelled to Pratten and shot for the Courier Cup. The cup was taken by Jim Breeze with a fine display of marksmanship but conveniently dropped an inner for the last shot. Scores for target rifle were J.Breeze 104.11, L.Pedersen 99.6, S.Kao 95.6 and G.Picton 94.9.

Next week we’re back at Dalby for 300 yards, rolling up at 1200hours. Have a good week!

Saturday 26th March Shoot at Dalby

Tomorrow’s shoot will be at Dalby for 300 yards. We have a couple of brand new shooters coming, so the programmed 900 yards might have been a bit of a challenge. We’ll try to get a bit earlier start so people can get away for the rest of the long weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there at 1200 midday.